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Nature’s Produce Company spans the produce spectrum and includes operations involved in food service and retail distribution, sourcing fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, and transportation.

Nature’s Produce is committed to quality and customer service. Our business is serving your business, and we never lose focus on that commitment. We pledge to you high quality products, a team of experienced personnel dedicated to providing you with impeccable service at a competitive price.


Nature’s Produce Company spans the produce spectrum and includes operations involved in foodservice and retail distribution, sourcing fresh, fruit vegetables, dairy, and transportation.


Nature’s Produce is one of the largest direct receivers of fresh produce for the Food Service Industry in Los Angeles. On a day-to-day basis, we earn your business by providing the best quality, service, prices, availability, and flexible delivery schedule.


We operate and maintain a new fleet of fully refrigerated vehicles. The fleet is carefully monitored and refrigeration units are carefully maintained in order to ensure maximum freshness upon delivery. The fleet is new and regularly maintained in order to obtain maximum reliability.


Nature’s Produce is equipped with temperature and humidity controlled coolers. These coolers and freezers maintain controlled internal storage environments constantly adapting to temperature, humidity, and air circulation so each product is held under optimum conditions.


We practice first-in, first-out rotation; 36-hour inventory turns; and rigid inventory control procedures. Our high product turnover assures the freshness of the produce our facilities receive and distribute. In addition, our products are coming directly from the farms rather than going through middlemen. This ensures maximum quality at more reasonable/stable pricing levels, while also giving maximum freshness and shelf life to all products.


Your properties are assigned to an individual Customer Service Representative to oversee your orders, deliveries, credits, and special requests on a daily basis. Over the years, these people have become extremely knowledgeable about your produce sizing, specifications and quality preferences. Their experience and knowledge gives our group a distinct competitive advantage in terms of our ability to satisfy your needs. Our outstanding service presents an added value to our excellent product. At Nature’s Produce we believe that good service goes hand-in-hand with good business.


Due to our high volume and large fleet vehicles, we offer deliveries when it is most convenient for you. We operate a lease fleet that is maintained by our leasing partner. Therefore, we can focus on what we do best, procure and deliver produce.


Nature’s Produce has developed a state-of-the-art computer system keeping us on the forward edge of technology in the produce industry. Computerized usage reports can be produced upon request. All of our invoices and order guides are computer generated for clarity. Order guides can be customized for each location. Buying history, trends, and full usage reports may also be compiled upon request. A personalized template may be constructed consisting of commonly order items. This may be extremely useful for units with regular and consistent usage in order to facilitate efficient and accurate ordering methods. Standing and automatic orders may be generated upon request.


Due to our combined nationwide buying capabilities, we have many volume programs available, such as full loads direct from the growers. Our high volume and buying power enables us to provide a more stable pricing level in these incredibly volatile industry.Our knowledgeable buyers have over 30 years of experience facilitating operations and proper sourcing of all available seasonal items.


We source and inventory a wide range of top labels such as T&A, Dole, Andy Boy, and Sunkist. Top labels ensure consistent quality and higher yields. In addition, we have a department with an assembled team strictly devoted to repacking and sorting product. This contributes to our consistency & uniformity of product. This provides our customers with the maximum amount of quality product, in turn, leading to less waste. This is our way of giving you the best value and ultimately helping you control food costs. Our frequent and routine inventory turns ensure longer shelf life once the product reaches your property.


All commodities are received and inspected at Nature’s Produce distribution center, and again inspected upon delivery to your facilities to ensure quality and handling standards. All our employees have undergone rigorous training programs focusing on handling techniques.


Nature’s Produce offers years of experience keeping abreast of growing trends, seasonal factors, new varieties, and handling procedures. We can provide product specification guidelines, storage and handling tips, market reports, and more.

Market updates are compiled and sent to each individual unit weekly. These updates report current market trends and fluctuations. They are extremely useful in providing our customers with necessary information regarding product quality, pricing, supply, and forecasting future market trends in order to provide the most economical purchases.


Training seminars are available at our facilities or yours. These seminars focus on information for your personnel in the areas of receiving, storing, and handling the large variety of fresh produce items. Just let us know your desire to schedule one of these interesting and informative seminars.


Because of our stringent Food Safety, you have assurance that the produce being served in your properties meets the highest standards for sanitation and food safety. We are a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) approved vendor abiding by there rigorous measures and standards for safety. This is a governmental program monitored by the FDA that focuses on identifying and preventing hazards from contaminating food. Our facilities are carefully maintained and inspected regularly to make certain our cleanliness and procedures meet these strict standards.


Nature’s Produce is committed to quality and customer service. Our business is serving your business, and we never lose focus on that commitment. We would be honored to serve you as your fresh produce distribution company in Southern California. We pledge to you high quality products, a team of experienced personnel dedicated to providing you with impeccable service, and a pricing structure that will provide you with this high quality service at a competitive price.


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Nature's Produce focuses on supporting local growers. We strongly encourage seasonal purchasing. We believe this will help you tailor your programs to provide the best product at the best price while helping reduce our carbon footprint. Please view our market report, seasonal & specialty guide and our farmer's market program tabs.

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