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What Local Farming Means To Us…

Here at Nature’s Produce we strongly believe in taking care of our Earth and its Natural resources. Being one of the largest direct receivers and handlers of fresh produce in Southern California, we make it our duty to set the example of respecting the importance our environment holds.

An increase in greenhouse gas emissions has resulted in Global Warming due to Ozone layer depletion. We encourage the use and consumption of locally grown produce and put forth much effort in the marketing of Organic Certified Organic Produce.

Nature’s Produce Company has many sustainable practices to help ensure that our company and customer base is helping reduce our generation’s Carbon Footprint everyday. Our goal is environmental friendliness. After all, we bear the name NATURE’S PRODUCE.

Here are some of our key sustainable practices:

Using and marketing locally grown produce in order to alleviate the detrimental effects of mass transportation.

95% of our Fruits and Vegetables are California grown during the summer months.

40% of our fruits and vegetables are still grown in the California regions during the winter.

We visit the world famous Farmer’s Markets in California weekly. Many Certified Organic growers participate in a partnership allocating certain amounts of their product specifically for our company.

We recently purchased new fleet vehicles which are smaller and more fuel efficient to reduce harmful emissions. Our trucks and warehouse are insulated and reinforced to conserve energy and refrigeration, keeping your produce fresh and environmentally friendly. Routes have also been consolidated and mileage minimized.

Many of our farms use advanced irrigation systems in addition to natural rainfall to most effectively utilize our water and reduce unnecessary waste. Many of our fields are using compost to fertilize their soils. This compost provides natural nutrients for future harvests in order to prevent exhaustion of fertile lands. This will ultimately reduce desertification.

Nature’s Produce is also recycling all boxes, pallets, shipping, office supplies and packing material to maximize the usage of our resources. -

We use non-harmful chemicals and cleaning agents when available for sanitary practices

As a client of Nature’s Produce, you have already taken the first step in GOING GREEN!


Thank you for being environmentally responsible and helping preserve our beautiful planet.

Some of Our Local Farms:

Weiser Family Farms

Regier Family Farms

Polito Family Farms

Coastal Farms


Coastal Farms

Maggie’s Farms

McGrath Farms

Jaime Farms

Tutti Frutti Farms

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Nature's Produce focuses on supporting local growers. We strongly encourage seasonal purchasing. We believe this will help you tailor your programs to provide the best product at the best price while helping reduce our carbon footprint. Please view our market report, seasonal & specialty guide and our farmer's market program tabs.

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