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Your properties are assigned to an individual Customer Service Representative to oversee your orders, deliveries, credits, and special requests on a daily basis. Over the years, these people have become extremely knowledgeable about your produce sizing, specifications and quality preferences. Their experience and knowledge gives our group a distinct competitive advantage in terms of our ability to satisfy your needs. Our outstanding service presents an added value to our excellent product. At Nature’s Produce we believe that good service goes hand-in-hand with good business.

We offer a freshness guarantee and a request for pick up may be placed with the order desk. We stand behind our product, which is our guarantee that you will get the best produce available. All of our employees are carefully trained specialists with the best fresh product procurement, storing, and handling procedures available today.

Nature’s Produce is committed to quality and customer service. Our business is serving your business, and we never lose focus on that commitment. We pledge to our customers, high quality products, a team of experienced personnel dedicated to providing you with impeccable service, and a pricing structure that will provide you with this high quality service at a competitive price.


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Online orders must be placed by the designated cut-off time. If you need further assistance, please call or fax to the company directly.


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Nature's Produce focuses on supporting local growers. We strongly encourage seasonal purchasing. We believe this will help you tailor your programs to provide the best product at the best price while helping reduce our carbon footprint. Please view our market report, seasonal & specialty guide and our farmer's market program tabs.

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